With built-in business relationships for MT4 & MT5
Turnkey, cost-effective MT4 and MT5 brokerage solutions
Proven, cost-effective, branded lead generation with higher conversions
Business-optimised pay as you go VoIP communication

Make a bigger impact

From the moment we collaborate with you, we’re invested in the success of your business. We measure ourselves on how well we equip our partners to perform more successfully. Our goal is to provide every tool, service and support mechanism in easy-to-use solutions to help your business grow.

AI & predictive analytics

Brings you targeted machine learning solutions based on unique data from your website, apps, social media channels and communication with your representatives.

Marketing automation

Generate organic, branded leads as clients and prospects visit your website, communicate with your representatives, download branded apps and interact with marketing campaigns and social media channels. Effectively measure the impact of your marketing spend. Better understand and anticipate your customers’ needs.

Real-time reporting

Create your own customer insight community and tap into that feedback. Focus on high level results and drill down as needed through multiple levels. Receive real-time analytics and notifications to reach out to every customer at the right time armed with much more than their basic information and boost your customer retention figures.

Mobile apps

Custom built apps put you in the pockets and handbags of your customer base. Reach out with special offers and important news to maintain a high level of engagement and increase the number of sales opportunities. We already provide branded apps for trading, signals, calculator, analysis, training & education and cryptocurrencies.
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Brokerage tools

Every tool a brokerage needs to succeed. Multiple integrated liquidity providers, payment service providers, bridges, data feeds, trading signals and a library of educational resources catering to the full spectrum of traders. We’ve also created a seamless plugin that offers an unlimited number of trading accounts, the ability to easily change allocation parameters and master account functionality.

WordPress plugins

Bring custom-built functionality to your website and service your clients with efficiency and effectiveness. Custom-built plugins increase the functionality of your website making it more user-friendly. These can include adding local payment functionality, security advantages, Live Chat with your customers, and Social Media share buttons.

Educational tools

Educational tools give a business the opportunity to demonstrate the qualities of their products and services in a way that empowers clients to use them more. They can also reinforce brand values and increase client engagement by providing proven prompts like trading signals and trading calculators as well as giving them knowledge and skills with a comprehensive education programme that includes webinars, seminars, tutorials and articles.

End-to-end products suite

We create innovative solutions to help you make an impact. From the moment we collaborate with you, we are invested in the success of your business. We develop cutting-edge, breakthrough technology to offer our clients a comprehensive, end-to-end suite of products to operate successfully and profitably in their industry. With ImpacTech solutions your customers experience a personalised journey. You will collect actionable feedback in real time that grows more meaningful over time and provides the context for more profitable customer relationships.

Our Partners

Intelligent relationships work better

Big Data in combination with Machine Learning is driving the development of Business Intelligence. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a global leader in the Business Intelligence sector. Let us show you how our Business Intelligence solutions can make a difference to your business.

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