Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your services with Impact Tech LTD must be made via email one month before your final billing period.

Before our services are terminated, you must state on which date you require to cancel lines, DIDs or PBX services. In any such case of a termination of services with Impact Tech LTD, when you have received DID numbers we are not able to port your numbers to another provider.

Any cancellation of services is only valid once we have confirmed via email the required date for Impact Tech to cancel all services. We will respond to all requests for cancellation within 48 hours of receiving any such requests via email.

If you do not comply with our Cancellation Policy and have not followed this procedure, then charges may occur daily for open services even if your company is not making any calls or no longer using our services.

If you have pre-paid for services and not used them up by your cancellation date then you are entitled to a refund of your unused services, only when cancellation has been accepted (admin charges may occur).

Any promotions or bundled packages you may have will now become invalid as soon as cancellation has been accepted and you will be charged for our services at the standard rate.


Please be aware that the Impact Tech LTD Cancellation Policy may change from time to time. A current, time-stamped version will always be available on this page. Where changes are deemed significant, we will endeavour to provide a more prominent notice or may contact our customers directly.