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Your team will love our simple to use products. Combine them and drive greater customer lifetime value.


Connect sales, support and marketing to a single platform and tailor every customer interaction to increase conversions and LTV.

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Unlock insights from interaction data and deliver personalised customer experience at scale and increase loyalty.

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Free business communications solution with low call rates, superior quality and customer insights driven by Sentiment Analysis.

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Give customers their preferred payment option and reduce your transaction fees with our intelligent payment gateway.

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Improve ROAS by delivering a personalised experience and reduce Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Acquisition.

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A customisable, fully integrated MT4 and MT5 solution with every tool a brokerage needs to succeed in the forex industry.

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Our Products

Impact CRM

Achieve more with our intelligent management platform

Achieving success in today’s hyper-connected world requires a coordinated customer management system that connects every client interaction. Impact CRM brings together all the information your team needs to provide the best customer experience and presents it through a single interface.

Using Machine Learning, Impact CRM extracts value from every interaction by analysing it for customer satisfaction. It protects your brand by flagging potential damage caused by poorly-performing team members and reduces compliance issues by highlighting possible infringements.


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Impact AI

It’s a hyper-connected world, make every interaction count

Understand the mood of your customers, avoid compliance issues and protect your brand with ImpacTech. Sentiment Analysis using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms offer businesses game-changing insights into customer feelings and the ability to fine tune how sales and retention teams work to their maximum potential.

Every business knows the importance of exceptional customer satisfaction. It boosts the bottom line and improves retention. Then there’s the priceless benefit of word-of-mouth marketing that happy customers provide.

Impact Telecom

Still paying a fee for your telephony platform?

AI-driven insights make Impact Telecom a superior telephony platform. The data produced through every call is analysed by our Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. They add to the data pool that is analysed through Machine Learning to produce business boosting analytics which can prompt your sales team as to the best time to call a client or lead and identify both negative and positive keywords using Sentiment Analysis.

Impact Telecom is GDPR compliant and offers a higher level of Call Detail Records (CDR) analysis using Big Data and Machine Learning to deliver a cost-effective, cutting-edge telephony platform. Discover how long it takes your team to deliver conversion following first contact with a lead. Know how many calls are required to close a sale per territory or any other demographic. Define which keywords work best where and with whom.

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