To enhance the bond between a business and its customers so they become ambassadors for their products.




To build data-driven, AI-powered software that creates a highly personalised experience for customers which strengthens the bond between a company and its customers and generates more business and loyalty.


Where robots become individuals. We are hiring.


Company Culture

We are impactivators. We welcome everyone who shares our values, can contribute to our mission and help us realise our vision.

Impactivator [im-pak-tuh-vey-ter]


a continual learner who focuses on innovation, synergy and bringing out the best in other impactivators.

Company Milestones

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Meet the Impactivators

George is a Big Data and AI researcher, PhD candidate, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of ImpacTech. A 500 Startups Alumni and co-creator of SmartLab, Rayzit and Lifey. Winner of Microsoft’s ImagineCup and published author.


Chief Executive Officer

George is a Big Data and AI researcher, PhD candidate, entrepreneur, co-founder and CTO of ImpacTech. 500 Startups Alumni and co-creator of Rayzit, Lifey and Recycling-CY. He was also part of the team that won Microsoft’s ImagineCup in 2011.


Chief Technology Officer

Anthony has over 12 years of fintech experience and oversees all sales activity and management of sales teams. He is highly skilled at identifying where our products can improve CX and increase efficiency for our clients.


Sales Director

Marcus is a telecoms industry veteran who is passionate about identifying, analysing and solving problems to deliver value added services and products to ensure highest customer satisfaction.


Head of Telecoms Sales

Marios is a software engineer with extensive knowledge of technology paradigms and special interests in functional programming (Scala), reactive architecture and big data. He currently oversees the development of Impact CRM.


Head of Back-End

Dr. Matheou’s primary interests lie in Telecommunication Systems and Networks, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Big Data and Streaming Architectures, Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.


Head of Telecom Dev

Christos is highly experienced in automating, testing and deploying cloud-native solutions in Openstack, AWS and Azure clouds. He also has significant experience with container orchestration, Infrastructure-As-a-Code tools and CI/CD pipelines.


DevOps Engineer

Giannis is a Database Administrator who specialises in Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization with many years of experience in database design, database security and the process of extracting measurable insights from data.


Data Scientist / DBA

Georgina applies her expertise in speech related applications to develop state-of-the-art solutions for speech-based services, such as automatic speech recognition and conversational sentiment analysis and is involved in building BI solutions driven by ML and AI.


Senior Data Scientist

Andrey is a Tarantool database contributor with over 6 years experience on distributed systems. He builds production-grade ML systems and is working on ML infrastructure and core strategic services such as automatic speech recognition.


Senior Data Engineer

Andreas is a Computer engineer who graduated from the University of Cyprus. He has over 5 years experience as an Android developer and is equally passionate about hardware as he is for developing software.


Mobile App Developer

After graduating from the University of Cyprus Daniel has focused on Android and iOS mobile app native development and improving their performance. He’s recently added Flutter development to his portfolio of skills.


Mobile App Developer

Rodica loves a challenge and is passionate about delivering the best customer satisfaction. She is the epitome of the continual learner who is in tune with the trends of the industry.


Head of Customer Support

Stella is responsible for all aspects of a customer’s relationship with ImpacTech and her people skills ensures that each one of them receives the highest standards of service.


Account Manager

Panikkos is an SEM Manager with experience in the E-Learning and SaaS Industries. Passionate about biddable media, with a thirst for digital knowledge and an interest in new platforms and channels.


Head of Marketing

Achilleas drives the evolution of ImpacTech’s visual language and brand and leads the team to push the boundaries of what is possible. Project management is another significant component in his wide skill range.


Creative Director

Soteris is the voice of ImpacTech and delivers the company’s message through all its channels.


Head of Content

Martha’s vision drives the look and feel of ImpacTech’s products, she uses innovative solutions for the product direction and visuals that result in an intuitive, simple and user-friendly experience.


UX/UI Designer

Savvia was one of the first impactivators and is a never-ending source of creativity. She brings a high visual impact to her designs and has helped to shape ImpacTech’s visual image.


Senior Designer

Ivana uses all her vast industry experience and works tirelessly to ensure every new impactivator is a good fit for the teams they join and skilfully navigates the waters between team leaders.


HR Manager

Andreas’ extensive knowledge of VoIP technology and expertise in deployment planning and maintenance ensures customers enjoy smooth implementation and full network functionality of our telephony voice communication architecture.


Customer Support Manager

Christiana handles the endless succession of meetings as well as our rapidly increasing office needs with the minimum of fuss through her perfect blend of communication and organisational skills.


Office Administrator

Denis is a multi-lingual sales and customer success professional with 7 years of extensive experience in Fintech servicing customers across the world. His current focus is AI-driven Impact CRM.


Sales Manager

With more than five years high-level experience in business consulting for numerous companies in multiple verticals Dimitris’ forward-thinking approach has driven our support team and product development to a new level


Account Manager

Dorin’s extensive experience in commercial law, digital law, financial services and software licensing has been critical in shaping our commercial agreements which include the MoU, NDA, SLA and referral agreements we’ve entered.


Legal Advisor

Thanks to Mohammad our website pages load in lightning fast time. He writes great code and is highly skilled in HTML/CSS which ensures the design team’s creativity translates into a user-friendly experience.


Web Developer

Evridiki’s expertise in interactive media software is evident in the wide range of videos and other visual content she produces. Her creative storytelling approach delivers a valuable and engaging user experience through every medium.


Motion Graphic Designer

Marina brings energy, vision and drive to our digital marketing. Her expertise is underpinned by her product and competitor research skills and track record in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


Digital Marketing Specialist

Maria oversees website optimisation to ensure smooth and fast experience for smartphone users. She works seamlessly with our designers so that our websites perform flawlessly and is highly skilled at building reusable code.


Web Developer

Kasia has brought a wealth of experience to our social media strategy. She has excellent knowledge of social media tools and technologies and has her finger on the pulse of the latest developments in evolving technologies.


Social Media Specialist

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Mobile Engineer

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UX Designer

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UI Designer

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Front-End Developer

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Back-End Developer

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Nothing is more important than the people we hire. We look for people who believe in what they do and how they do it. Because even the best strategies fail if you don’t have people who can implement them.

Information Table

  • Management
  • Core Development
    • Back-End
    • Front-End
  • AI
    • Data Science
    • Data Engineer
  • Telecoms
  • Mobile
    • iOs Developer
    • Android Developer
  • Marketing
    • Content Writers
    • Designers (UI /UX)
    • SEM
    • Video
  • Sales/Support
  • Accounting
  • Administration

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