What we do

We measure ourselves on how well we equip our partners to perform better by using the latest developments in Big Data and AI. Our goal is to provide every tool, service and support mechanism in easy-to-use solutions to help your business grow.
Big Data analysis

The flow of data now contributes more to world GDP than physical goods. Few businesses fully realise the benefits their data can yield. Leveraging Big Data will help your business achieve its full potential.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is evolving and so are our solutions. We constantly develop our Artificial Intelligence algorithms in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to improve business performance.

Innovative solutions

We measure ourselves through our clients’ success. Their markets are the truest test of the value of our work. Our validation comes from the ongoing success our clients achieve through our solutions.

Continuous research

Today’s solution eventually becomes obsolete over time because technology is constantly evolving. That’s why continuous research, improvement and innovation is at the heart of our process.

ImpacTech’s milestones

Every step forward must improve how we work and everything we provide

Banking platform
Offers a fully electronic and automated onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) for international payments. The solution has been successfully adopted by a number of private banks.
Impact Telecom
A cost-cutting telecom solution with user-friendly dashboard that offers an abundance of business-optimising features. The cloud-based PBX solution scales to grow as you grow.
White Label brokerages
White Label brokerage acquiring the licence for MT4 / MT5 platforms along with liquidity providers, bridge aggregator and mobile app solution enables us to deliver the complete brokerage solution.
Impact CRM
The CRM offers out-of-the-box integration with trading platforms and the functionality to turn your data into an actionable resource by tracking clients and prospects across all touchpoints.
Impact AI
A platform that enables a business to extract value from every interaction using Artificial Intelligence through Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis.
Impact PSP Gateway
Give your customers their preferred payment option with over 250 integrated payment gateways and reduce your business’ transaction fees by prioritising the most efficient option.

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Meet the team
George Larkou
George Larkou
George Larkou co-founded ImpacTech and has set the company’s vision to become a global leader in the development of Business Intelligence solutions.
George Nikolaides
George Nikolaides
George Nicolaides co-founded the company with George Larkou and has been at the forefront of all the company’s technological innovation.
Anthony Papaevagorou
Anthony Papaevagorou
With over 10 years Fintech experience Anthony Papaevagorou joined ImpacTech in 2018 with a mission to make Impact CRM the standard others aspire to.
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