Impact CRM is a gamechanger

Sales Director Anthony Papaevagorou says new CRM is a gamechanger for brokerages

Anthony Papaevagorou, our Sales Director at ImpacTech, talks about our range of innovative Business Intelligence solutions that we will introduce at the iFX Expo in Limassol on May 22 – 24 where we will be Gold sponsors at this year’s event.

Anthony revealed that he recently left his senior role at MetaQuotes where he had led the Sales department because he’s confident that ImpacTech is the right place to be.

“I met the people at ImpacTech while I was at MetaQuotes and was immediately impressed with their range of innovative solutions,” Anthony explained.

He also strongly supports our philosophy ‘We measure ourselves on how well we equip our partners to perform better’ and commented: “ImpacTech’s approach is fundamental to success in business today”.

Anthony brings more than 10 years of experience of working with brokerages and is aware of how ImpacTech’s solutions can fill the gaps in their operations.

He said: “I understand the financial industry and what’s needed to succeed in it. I can see how ImpacTech’s solutions meet those needs.”

He remarked that he was really enjoying the new challenge with ImpacTech and his role in delivering business solutions. He added: “With my knowledge and experience I can contribute to their expansion in the FinTech sector.”

Anthony talked enthusiastically about our new CRM and the effort behind its development. He described Impact CRM as an outstanding system with built-in business relationships that offers out-of-the box integration with MT4 and MT5 and doesn’t need to be upgraded or updated in a year or two because it grows as it helps a business grow.


He also added: “Impact CRM is compatible with MT4 and MT5 platforms and has been developed to accommodate future platforms.”

In addition, Anthony also explained that Impact CRM is integrated with more than 250 payment providers, compliance services, telecom solutions as well as education and signals providers.

He concluded: “It’s the hub around which a business will grow and creates efficiencies in brokerages’ everyday processes in order to minimise costs and maximise sales opportunities to increase profitability.”

Mr Papaevagorou also emphasised that demand for our outstanding CRM solution is very high.

Furthermore, Anthony talked about our turnkey White Label brokerage solution with MT4 and MT5 trading platforms which comes with every tool needed to succeed. He commented on our Marketing tools that have added technology and automation to increase the effectiveness of a company’s marketing strategy. Also, our business-optimised pay as you go VoIP telecom solution guarantees the lowest call rates without compromising on quality.

He added: “It’s the complete package for any brokerage.”

Anthony also mentioned the workshop he would be presenting at the expo which would be of interest to financial institutions. The workshop is entitled: “How Big Data and AI can help smaller companies compete with bigger rivals in today’s market place”.

He stated: “Most brokerages know that successfully using their data is now a significant part of a brokerage’s growth strategy, and I will show them how that can be achieved.”

The workshop will take place at the Expo on May 23 at 3.15 pm.

Furthermore, Mr Papaevagorou also announced our great giveaways which include a Bitcoin raffle and a VIP table for four at the expo’s Night Party which we are also sponsoring this year.