Telecoms Solutions

Dial the world with the lowest call rates

Try our cost-effective, award-winning, cloud based PBX telecoms solution. It's feature packed with revenue boosting analytics and offers the flexibility of a pay as you go service.
Integrates with Impact CRM to increase effectiveness
Seamless integration of our innovative VoIP telecom solution to Impact CRM adds more value to the client journey. The data produced through every call is analysed by our integrated natural language processing (NLP) tools. They add to the data pool collected to produce business boosting analytics which can prompt your sales team as to the best time to call a client or prospect and identify both negative and positive keywords using sentiment analysis.
A stand-alone solution with impressive functionality
We guarantee lower price per minute call rates, exceptional quality and security. Our customisable solution, with its feature-rich web portal, is accessible anywhere in the world. Your PBX portal is packed with business-boosting features like real-time reporting, eavesdropping, whisper, plus many more and gives you complete control over your telecommunications.

Help your team work smarter with a cloud-hosted PBX service

Using the latest cloud based PBX service, the essential telecoms function is reconstructed into a tool that increases your organisation’s productivity. The advanced features bring greater efficiency to your business and increase sales opportunities. It scales easily to grow as it helps your business to grow. It is suitable for any sized business and equally capable of serving a single office or hundreds of employees.

Don't just call, connect

Whether in the office or on the move, your team will always be connected to the same telecom system. Easily transfer calls, define answering rules, receive voicemails via email or have the phone answered by an automated attendant that can direct callers to different departments. With our solution, you are no longer tied to your location. Your clients will always be able to contact a local number no matter where you are based.
  • Suits businesses of all sizes
  • Connect remotely and securely
  • Unlimited devices
  • Cheapest national and international calls
  • Listen to live calls (eavesdropping feature)
  • Advanced call reporting
  • Cloud-hosted telecom system
Economical setup
With our solution you avoid costly start up fees and the need for expensive equipment.
Low rates
We guarantee that we will not be beaten on price on an equivalent service for either local or international call rates.
Call recording
We can store all of your calls or download them from your portal for up to 6 years to give you complete peace of mind.
Customer support
Our dedicated support team offer global coverage and will answer your questions swiftly every time, all the time.
Business analytics
Use analytics to optimise your sales function and increase your customer service team’s productivity by enhancing communication strategy.
DID numbers
With DID Numbers you are no longer tied to a phone number from your location or code. Choose any international phone number from around the world.

Create value every time your business calls

As a wholesale route termination provider for Tier 1 customers, we guarantee the best prices for your everyday telecommunication needs. Also, we don't use middlemen which is why we guarantee you the best quality for your calls.

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