Target your clients with marketing that engages and personalises their journey

Our marketing tools engage with clients and prospects across every channel to collect data and identify sales triggers and potential clients. This results in efficient, cost-effective campaigns with personalised targeting and feeds a client tunnel that generates branded leads and delivers higher conversions. Through Big Data analysis and AI, our tools deliver geodemographic targeting, client profiling and real-time prompts for key sales triggers. Successful campaigns are then optimised and automated. Behaviours of target clients create patterns which algorithms identify to set up proxy goals for other markets and become the focus of new targeting campaigns.

As more data is generated, re-targeting campaigns deliver even more precise personalised marketing and even higher conversions.

Connect and collect
Every touchpoint with your brand adds to the profile of your clients and prospects to create a more personalised journey.
Smarter marketing
Machine Learning will automatically identify the best prospects and make predictions about every campaign.
Better insights
Segment more intelligently and discover the perfect time to engage. Identify different audiences with new data signals and sources.

Smart tools

Better understanding of clients’ behaviour creates better campaigns. Automated performance tracking quickly identifies when campaigns deliver less than expectations and also identifies the tweaks needed for more efficiency in real time.
Social media

Listen, engage and promote powerfully through social media channels.

Real-time triggers

Use transactions and mobile app downloads to define personal messaging.

Intelligent email

Use data from every department to build smarter emails.

Customer cues

Identify the moments that define the client experience.


Branded apps that engage your clients

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Big Data in combination with Machine Learning is driving the development of Business Intelligence. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a global leader in the Business Intelligence sector. Let us show you how our Business Intelligence solutions can make a difference to your business.
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