Built-in business relationships

Our data-driven CRM solution delivers straight out-of-the-box integration with modules needed for running your business. It seamlessly integrates with the MetaTrader 5 platform and scales easily to grow as your business grows. Impact CRM is incorporated with more than 250 payment providers, compliance services, telecom solutions as well as education and signals providers making it customisable to your exact needs.

It is the ideal solution for brokers and it is also flexible enough to support most industries including banking and gaming.

Why choose Impact CRM?

Our CRM has been built with the latest developments in Big Data analysis and AI. It delivers a coordinated customer management process across sales, customer support and marketing in real-time and improves results without adding to your workforce. You will also benefit from the freedom of being able to oversee and control operations from a single screen interface.
  • Integrated and timely communications
  • Customised dashboards
  • Automated workflow and procedures
  • Real-time reporting
Connect to your customers optimally
Provide your clients with a more rewarding experience. Track customers and prospects over multiple channels and build a deeper profile as they visit websites, interact with apps and respond to campaigns or social media posts.
Simplify sales with prompts
Identify underperforming departments. Fine tune sales strategies to focus on profitable target groups. Accurately predict turnover, sales, campaign success and reduce exposure to common security attacks with collective intelligence.
Track goals and analyse progress
Boost performance with real-time reporting and marketing predictions. Get automated prompts to increase conversions by adjusting campaign parameters and flag up unproductive campaigns to eliminate unnecessary marketing costs.
Customise and collaborate
Your CRM should be as flexible and dynamic as your business demands. Frictionless integration allows you to manage all your activities centrally while collaborating, communicating, and sharing information with third party applications.
Integrates and scales effortlessly
Easily integrate third party vendors including payment providers, compliance services, telecoms as well as platforms. With limitless scalability to grow as your business grows.
Minimise risk
Our built-in risk management module will help you minimise risk through real-time exposure reporting and intuitive suggestions on how to eliminate risk.

Don’t just hope for success, prepare for it

Impact CRM is the hub around which your business will grow. It will create efficiencies in your business's everyday processes to reduce costs and maximise sales opportunities.

Intelligent relationships work better

Big Data in combination with Machine Learning is driving the development of Business Intelligence. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a global leader in the Business Intelligence sector. Let us show you how our Business Intelligence solutions can make a difference to your business.

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