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About ImpacTech

ImpacTech was formed by a group of entrepreneurial and talented IT professionals who set themselves the goal of becoming leaders in the Business Intelligence sector.
Our HQ is based in Limassol, Cyprus. Our company’s full address and contact details can be found here.
ImpacTech’s main goal is to become a global leader in the Business Intelligence sector.
ImpacTech offers the following:
  • IMPACT CRM – with built-in business relationships for MT4 & MT5
  • WHITE LABEL BROKERAGE – Turnkey, cost-effective MT4 and MT5 brokerage solutions
  • MARKETING TOOLS – Proven, cost-effective, branded lead generation with higher conversions
  • TELECOM SOLUTIONS – Business-optimised pay as you go VoIP communication

Impact CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This refers to business systems designed to manage your customer interactions.
A CRM system is an IT platform for storing all your customer data and interactions generated across different channels. This includes contact details collected from your website, emails, calls and your marketing.
A CRM system provides an innovative, cost-effective way to work. It can deliver a coordinated customer management process across sales, customer support and marketing and drive better results without adding to the workforce.
Impact CRM offers out-of-the-box integration with major platforms and vendors. It incorporates the latest productivity-improving technology that integrates seamlessly with MT4 and MT5 platforms. It easily integrates payment providers, compliance services, VoIP telecom solutions as well as education and signals providers.
It has the following unique features:
  • Can easily integrate third party vendors including payment providers, compliance services, VoIP telecom solutions and education as well as signals providers.
  • Lead management – generate leads, automate lead scoring and drive quality leads to closure.
  • Simplifies sales with AI generated prompts and predictions.
  • Unlimited support and training.
  • Tracks goals and analyses progress.
  • Mobile ready
  • Multi-channel – sales signals, email, telephony, live chat, portals, social.
  • Performance and analytics – reports, analytics, forecasting.
  • Security.
Cloud computing uses a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data.
A cloud based CRM means that a CRM system is hosted in the cloud. This means that you can access data, apps and services over the internet which makes it easy for all users to access the same information at any time.
  1. Fast implementation
  2. No effort is required to maintain the system. You just open a browser, log in and start working.
  3. The size of the cloud is infinite, so you don’t need to worry about it running out of capacity.
  4. Cloud based applications and services can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. All you need is a device with an internet connection.
  5. High security – your data is stored securely in the cloud.
  6. Instant scalability – you can increase or decrease the number of users.
  7. Reliable operation
Impact CRM is mobile ready so you can use it on a mobile device.
After signing our SLA, you will be provided with login access to the help desk area. You may raise a ticket with the help desk at any time and our professional support team will solve any issues you have in an efficient and timely manner.
Security is a very high priority for both our data and yours, so we regularly update our security standards. A few of our security precautions are outlined below:
  1. Software is written with security principles in mind to prevent XRF, CSRF, SQL injection and other common attacks.
  2. All data between our servers and you is encrypted with minimum 128-bit TLS, and all copies of daily backup data are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.
  3. Data is kept secure with multiple servers in Tier-3 data centres that have strict access controls and real-time video monitoring of the data centre.
  4. All servers are secure Linux installations which are monitored in real-time and kept up-to-date.
  5. We carry out daily off-site backups, so all your data is safe and ready to be restored.

White Label solutions

A White Label is the branded version of a system or software with the customers own logos, colours etc.
Yes, we offer branded solutions to our customers.
Our White Label Solutions offer you the technology, knowledge and infrastructure to help you build and grow your own business in the online trading market. We provide you with your own brand and access to new markets quickly and cost effectively. The features of our White Label solutions are outlined below:
  1. Out-of-the-box integration with Impact CRM.
  2. MT4 and/or MT5 White Label.
  3. Affordable set-up fee and no hidden fees.
  4. MT4 and/or MT5 MAM.
  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certificate of Incumbency/Good Standing or equivalent
  3. Register of Directors, accompanied by valid passport copies
  4. Register of Shareholders and supporting corporate documents
  5. Domain ownership
No, we don’t provide MT4 or MT5 Administrator.
Yes. Please contact for more information.
Yes. Currently we have already integrated more than 200 PSP Gateways.

Marketing tools and solutions

Yes. We provide all the marketing tools required to engage potential clients, generate leads and boost your brand. These include Plug & Earn campaigns, social media management, business development, promotional materials and website design.
The CPL is the cost per lead and depends on the medium and country where you want to advertise.

Telecom solutions

Impact Telecom is ImpacTech’s VoIP telecom solution. It integrates seamlessly with our CRM to offer a customisable, feature-packed and cost-effective solution with revenue boosting analytics. It provides telephony solutions that allow your business to make low cost local and international calls. Our easy setup and our support team can connect you securely, so you can start saving on your monthly bill immediately.
  1. Advanced features include ‘eavesdropping’ and ‘whisper’.
  2. Exceptional call quality.
  3. Connects to any PBX remotely and securely with just an IP address.
  4. National and international call prices are the lowest available on a like-for-like basis
  5. Easy to switch over from your existing services provider or talk plan.
  6. VoIP is enabled to port your existing numbers onto our network for a seamless one-bill solution.
PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange which is a private telephone network used within a company. PBX phone system users share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls. There are 4 different PBX phone system options:
  1. PBX
  2. Hosted/Virtual PBX
  3. IP PBX
  4. Hosted/Virtual IP PBX
With our direct inward dialing (DID) numbers, you are no longer tied to a phone number from your area code/location. Our phone service is available worldwide and you can choose any virtual number.
Switching to VoIP is a simple process. To register, enter your company details in the required field and press submit. Your registration request will be processed quickly. We will take care of everything including the installation of our platform and porting your existing numbers.
We guarantee to offer the lowest call rates on a like-for-like basis in comparison to any other telecoms supplier.
All you need to connect is a broadband internet connection. We can provide you with our advanced PBX platform or use your existing PBX platform and connect securely via IP to our network.
Yes. Our services are compatible with any PBX system with universal SIP trunking and codecs allowing you to retain your existing software/hardware keeping costs to a minimum.
Yes. PBX is a secure cloud based hosted PBX built with business in mind – seamless to install and connect unlimited extensions with many powerful features to manage your office telecoms.
Please visit this link to identify all the errors on your PBX phone

Brokerage tools

ImpacTech offers multiple integrated liquidity providers, bridges, MT4/5 server plugins, API and data feeds. Through 3rd party partnerships, ImpacTech offers trading signals and a library of educational tools and other resources.

Bridge aggregator

A liquidity bridge aggregator works with many liquidity providers to provide full flexibility in connecting to preferred liquidity pools.
Yes. We offer a liquidity bridge aggregator through partnerships with third party service providers.
Better risk management :
  1. Software includes a clear, fast and concise web user interface that allows brokers to connect to multiple liquidity providers, configure settings, and download reports.
  2. Market watch feature allows administrators to monitor all liquidity provider quotes and view market depth per symbol.
  3. Connects to multiple liquidity providers, ensuring clients receive the best quality service. Reporting system includes advanced search functionality, allowing easy navigation through past trade executions in the MT4/MT5 bridge UI.
  4. Flexible management of price streams and markups.
  5. Robust risk management system to manage your profits.
  6. Data feed for different instruments already integrated.
  7. Technology, hosting, administration all in one.
  8. Coverage ratio parameter for all trades sent to liquidity provider.
  9. Support team provides 24/5 support.
  10. Fast execution and low latency.

Mobile app development

Yes. We develop and provide branded apps for websites, platforms, forex and crypto trading, trading signals, trading calculators, trading analysis, education & training and cryptocurrencies.

Educational tools

Through partnerships with third party service providers, ImpacTech offers the following:
  1. Trading signals
  2. Trading calculators
  3. Educational & tutorial videos
  4. Daily market analysis
  5. Economic calendar
  6. Forex trading strategies
  7. MT4 & MT5 platform user guides
Through partnerships with a third party, we offer a pip calculator, a margin calculator, a profit/loss calculator, a stop loss calculator, a position size calculator, a pivot calculator, a Fibonacci calculator, a correlation calculator, and a currency converter.

General support

Help desk provides support by using a ticket management system and a self-service portal.
Once we have provided you with login access for the help desk you will be able to raise a ticket from account member area.
Yes, you need to raise a ticket every time because our team will be able to provide a more efficient and timely solution.
Yes, you can raise a ticket from your mobile device.
You can check your closed tickets in your help desk account area.
The working hours are 09:00 to 18:00 EET.
It is an integration of payment service providers with the CRM.
Please raise a ticket from the help desk area and provide all the necessary information such as name of PSP, API documentation, demo credentials etc.
Yes, we offer online training, tutorials and PDF guides to our clients.
Once you raise a ticket, the system will notify you of any activity by sending an email notification.
The time depends on the nature of the problem. Our support team will respond to your ticket as soon as possible.
Please raise a ticket via the help desk.

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