ImpacTech welcomes Anthony Papaevagorou to the team

ImpacTech welcomes Anthony Papaevagorou to the team

Anthony Papaevagorou will help ImpacTech deliver its impressive CRM, White Label brokerage solutions, lead generating Marketing Tools and VoIP solution

ImpacTech is pleased to announce that Anthony Papaevagorou has joined the company as Sales Director. He brings over 10 years FinTech experience to ImpacTech and will play a pivotal role in delivering our Business Intelligence solutions. He spent the last 3 years as Head of Sales at MetaQuotes overseeing and managing the company’s entire sales operations.

When asked about what attracted him to ImpacTech he explained: “From the moment ImpacTech collaborates with a client we’re invested in the success of their business.”

ImpacTech measures itself on how well it equips its partners to perform better. The company’s goal is to provide every tool, service and support mechanism in easy-to-use solutions to help a business grow.

ImpacTech has an outstanding CRM solution

Anthony’s wealth of experience and knowledge will help ImpacTech deliver our outstanding data driven CRM solution to a wider audience. ImpactCRM offers out-of-the-box integration and the scalability to grow as it helps a business grow. It seamlessly connects with industry-proven platforms like MT4 and MT5. It’s also flexible enough to support most industries including banking and gaming.

Anthony will also be instrumental in developing our White Label brokerage solution. ImpacTech’s tailor-made, turnkey brokerage solution provides every tool needed to succeed. Multiple liquidity providers, bridges, data feeds, trading signals and educational resources for all traders are all part of the fully integrated solution.

On joining us Anthony was particularly impressed with our Marketing Tools. ImpacTech have added technology and automation to increase the effectiveness of a company’s marketing strategy. The end result is proven, cost-effective, branded lead generation with higher conversions.

Before joining us, Anthony was already well-aware of our award-winning VoIP telecom solution. He’d experienced its effectiveness as a stand-alone solution but has now seen how impressively it integrates with the CRM. The feature-packed service has always been highly cost-effective but its revenue boosting analytics move to another level when combined with the CRM.

With ImpacTech’s solutions, your customers will feel like real people and not just numbers on a spreadsheet. You’ll engage with them on an ongoing basis and collect feedback that grows more meaningful over time. Higher response rates and actionable insight will combine to give you the context for more profitable customer relationships.

We wish Anthony Papaevagorou every success here at ImpacTech!


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