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ImpacTech leaders recognized with Entrepreneur Awards

CEO Georgios Larkou, CTO George Nikolaides and Dr George Matheou, Head of Telecom receive UCY Entrepreneur Award at IEF 2019

Dr Georgios Larkou, CEO, Mr George Nikolaides, CTO and Dr George Matheou, Head of Telecom were recognised with UCY Entrepreneur Awards at the 4th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF 2019) which was held at the University of Cyprus.

IEF 2019 celebrates the achievements of recent or present affiliates of the University of Cyprus, who have created value for the economy and society through entrepreneurial activities characterized by traits like novelty, risk-taking, scientific or technical excellence, social responsibility, and an international outlook.

It also highlights research results with the potential for market exploitation and societal impact and celebrates entrepreneurial success, by awarding individuals or teams that have excelled in innovative entrepreneurship in Cyprus or abroad.

Georgios Larkou expressed thanks on behalf of everyone at ImpacTech for the award he and said: “One of the biggest motivations for me as an entrepreneur and the team is to create a tech business in Cyprus that will be embraced by young Cypriot professionals that will be seen as a genuine alternative to the main industries that operate here in Cyprus.”

“Being able to attract the brightest talent to Impact Tech by offering them a fulfilling career with genuine growth opportunity as a professional fills me with immense pride. I also hope that any success Impact Tech enjoy over the years will act as an inspiration for other innovators and entrepreneurs to follow our lead and make Cyprus their base,”

“I’m proud to say that our internship program, which has accepted many undergraduates from University of Cyprus has been highly successful and proof of the talent that exists in this country and how it thrives when the right environment is provided,” added Larkou.