Impact Tech LTD and University of Cyprus sign Memorandum of Understanding

ImpacTech and University of Cyprus sign MoU

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Impact Tech and University of Cyprus formalises an exciting and productive cooperation for future research projects, provide a cutting-edge technology environment for students to sharpen their skills and the opportunity to shape the future developing intelligent solutions

Impact Tech LTD and University of Cyprus have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which provides the framework for cooperation with the University on research projects, applied experience and student work placements.

Impact Tech’s CEO Georgios Larkou signed the agreement at the University’s Nicosia campus with the University’s Head of Computer Science Elpida Keravnou. Present at the MoU signing was Impact Tech’s CTO Giorgos Nikolaides alongside University of Cyprus’ Data Management Systems Library Director Demetris Zeinalipour, Associate Professor Chryssis Georgiou and Assistant Professor Elias Athanasopoulos.

Georgios Larkou expressed his delight about the many benefits the MoU offers Impact Tech. One benefit is access to some of Cyprus’ brightest students who regularly impress with their research papers and academic excellence.

One initiative already in motion is a proposed research project that analyses hate crime and the risk of its occurrence based on temporal patterns of hate speech on social media. The proposal has already gone out for funding and could reveal far-reaching insights for the future of law enforcement.

Before signing the MoU both Impact Tech and University of Cyprus had already collaborated through the provision of work placements. Many former University of Cyprus graduates are already employed by Impact Tech at their office in Limassol. The MoU creates the platform for further cooperation including Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and research programs.