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Senior Data Engineer

Impact Tech LTD seeks to recruit a Senior Data Engineer to join our in-house Artificial Intelligence (AI) Team and push the limits of AI through innovative products and solutions that solve real life business problems.

Key responsibilities

Key responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain microservices using Scala, Akka and Kafka technological stack
  • Develop and maintain RESTful APIs with the Play Framework
  • Apply high performance computing skills to a wide range of AI projects
  • Collaborate with Data Scientists and DevOps team
  • Contribute to project planning including Research and Development
  • Participate in code review and team meetings
  • Stay up to date with emerging technologies
  • Coach and mentor fellow Data Engineers
What we offer

What we offer

  • Challenging and engaging tasks
  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Flexible work and leave schedules
  • Competitive salary with incentive program that rewards and recognizes outstanding performance
  • Opportunity to work in an open and collaborative environment
  • Team bonding events

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  • Strong knowledge of and experience in more than one of the following: Python, Golang, Scala or C++
  • Strong knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Experience with clickhouse AB test system, core search infrastructure, search ranking models and AB tests
  • Good knowledge of and experience in relational and of non-relational databases
  • Experience in software engineering
  • Experience in developing, optimizing, compiling, implementing, and testing multithreaded, multiprocessor performance-oriented software with Message Passing Interface, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL or other parallel processing framework
  • Familiarity with the use of Linux/Unix (*nix) Operating Systems, especially in Distributed Computing environments
  • Familiarity with Machine Learning (e.g. knowing the difference between classification and regression)
  • Good interpersonal skills, accountability, written and verbal communication skills, time management
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking
  • English is a must. Knowledge of Russian would be considered an advantage
  • Team worker and lifelong learner


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Computer Science or relevant discipline
  • Familiarity with Agile / Lean delivery methodologies
  • Familiarity with Functional Programming
  • Experience with microservices and RESTful web service design, implementation and maintenance
  • Experience with Big Data technologies (e.g. Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, Elasticsearch)
  • Experience with handling Sequential Data, including Time-Series
  • Experience in adapting standard Machine Learning methods to best exploit modern parallel environments (e.g. distributed clusters, multicore SMP, and GPU)
  • Past collaborations within R&D Engineering teams
  • Contribution in open-source projects

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