How our intelligent chatbot enables your business to give a fully personalised customer experience every time

Our intelligent chatbot produces more efficient lead acquisition, drives higher lead conversion, increases retention and improves customer support and is the only option for providing world class customer satisfaction at scale

Chatbots have become a common part of the customer experience, many businesses use them and  54% of users would always choose a chatbot over a human if it saved them time. However, people are aware they are dealing with a bot and most current solutions are little more than notifications and menus masquerading as conversations.

Every client interaction is a business opportunity and the increasing use of chatbots requires a solution that enhances user experience and drives business.

The use of conversational AI in our intelligent chatbot has elevated responsiveness to the point where users interact with chatbots as though they were having a normal conversation. It offers a personalised experience and maximises the business opportunities offered by the interaction. This technology is the reason why it is expected that conversational interfaces will replace more websites, mobile apps and contact centres this year than ever before.

Conversational AI takes the chatbot experience beyond a basic awareness of user history, profile and demographics which can be pulled from a customer information system. Our intelligent chatbot is equipped to build a relationship with the user, drawing context from all the data collected in previous interactions. It delivers an authentic experience which not only makes it difficult for the user to detect whether the are dealing with a human but also builds trust.


Most web chat agents are directed to base their responses from decision trees and scripts. As a result, much of the customer service messaging can be automated. One call to a contact centre costs a business between $6 to $15 and in some cases as much as $41 to answer basic questions. Conversational AI can reduce costs up to 90%. Other research estimates this technology will save business $8 Billion by 2024.

The benefits of our intelligent chatbot are not just limited to cost savings. Businesses have seen conversion rates double after using conversational AI in comparison to their traditional website.

The performance of our chatbot solution is on a constantly increasing curve. The improvement is relative to the volume of data it draws on. Machine Learning (ML) refines chatbot responses and improves them with adjustments made based on the results achieved.

Another benefit which sets our solution apart is that it is customisable to the unique demands of your industry. This makes it a far more effective than the generic solutions available because the AI systems learn from data collected by Impact CRM through sales transactions, customer service tickets, emails, and phone call recordings through Impact Telecom in addition to the chatbot interactions.

The hybrid approach we’ve taken to teaching our chatbot how to respond is fine-tuned through rule-based AI and ML. Additionally, our intelligent chatbot can be implemented simply and securely, with support for data redaction and encryption and in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and PCI.


Our intelligent chatbot forms a virtuous circle of continual improvement while driving better overall business performance. The data collected through conversations far exceed the benefits of data collected from websites due to the deeper revelations about user preferences expressed during an interaction. This accelerates chatbot performance while simultaneously providing more actionable data for the business to improve customer satisfaction. Everything from pain points and what services or features are the most popular are revealed more efficiently and in more detail through interactions with our intelligent chatbot.

This solution provides a 24/7 gateway to business that is far better at overcoming user frustrations that occur when reaching out to a company. Users prefer the option of a chatbot rather than facing the barrier of filling in time-consuming forms to have an issue addressed. Our chatbot gently teases out the required information piece by piece while keeping the user focussed on the immediate reason for the contact.

It also gives your business a way for its clients to avoid the frustration of being transferred along a call centre merry-go-round of departments until finding someone who has the knowledge to address the enquiry.

Human frailties will have far less of an impact on your business. Our chatbot doesn’t complain or overreact, it never forgets its training and needs no monitoring. Within a very short timeframe it will end up being the most efficient and reliable customer-facing ‘employee’ in your business.

The efficiency gains for lead management are also considerable. If a customer misinterprets how they’ve got to enter date of birth, phone number or other required data it interprets these friction points and automatically offers a solution or adjusts it for them.


Our chatbot can be set to automatically contact and engage prospects using natural language conversation until the prospect turns into a customer or opts out. As a result, your salesforce can spend more time closing deals rather than chasing them for 80% of their working week

In addition to more efficient lead acquisition our intelligent chatbot drives higher lead conversion, increases retention and improves customer support. It supports our highly effective automated lead scoring tool. It identifies the leads most likely to convert and reveals which interactions result in the highest conversions using built-in analytics. The prediction accuracy of the automated lead scoring tool is currently at 86.7% which will increase as more data is analysed by the ML algorithm.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is keeping up with the ever-increasing standards in customer satisfaction. Most consumers expect a business to respond within five minutes after making contact online. Of greater concern is research that reveals that a business loses 25% of customers following just one negative experience.

People have become accustomed to higher standards because of frequent interactions with standard setting brands like Google, Apple and Amazon and anything that falls short of these levels of immediacy, personalisation and convenience leaves a negative impression.

Conversational AI will eventually become the standard by which all chatbot experiences are measured. A window of opportunity exists for businesses that opt to implement an intelligent chatbot now. The biggest benefit lies in the speed at which the technology ‘learns’ the intricacies of an industry and adapts to the demands of its customers. Adaptation happens very quickly and is soon followed by increased productivity, reduced costs, and more conversions from leads.


Conversational AI makes full use of all the data collected throughout the customer journey to deliver an increasingly personalised response. It is the only viable path towards achieving personalisation at scale that today’s consumers expect. By passing the responsibility of front-line customer interaction to our intelligent chatbot you offer a more consistent, highly personalised and more effective response while your workforce is free to focus more of their time on creative or skilled challenges.